BoyCrush – Timo Helps Alan With His Book Report

Alan Parish is having trouble concentrating so Timo Garrett Comes over to lend a hand . . . or two. Alan tries to keep them on task but Timo has other, more intimate plans. He gets Alan naked and then lets him fuck him good and hard until they both cum. Cute and playful Timo is a perfect match up the fiery Alan.

Staxus – Raw Black Cock

There was a time no so long ago when the idea of a white guy mixing with a black man (even in simple everyday social terms) was regarded as taboo. The thought of them having sex not to mention black cock penetrating pert white ass was a taboo in the extreme. But how the world has changed, as young, sweet-faced Tim Law discovers as he's confronted face-to-face with the enormity of Tyler Johnson's skyward-turned knob-end. Hey, a few generations back Johnson's ancestors would've been working the dirt to keep Law's forefathers in pampered luxury; but Law displays no such supremacist views as he worships the black dude's hugely superior cock with his eager twink mouth, stretching his lips and throat to the max. Finally, the kinky moment we've all been waiting for, as the camera captures in glorious detail the sight of Johnson's monstrous raw black mamba slipping into Law's hungry ass, signalling the start of a ball-busting union that'll have you jerking like fury! The cute white-boy never stands a chance, and it's not long before he's taking a furious blast of French negro seed all over his face. Equal rights have never looked so good!

BoyCrush – A Hard and Fast Fucking

Could this be the perfect couple? We think it just might be. We have boner-inducing Ryan on the bed with smooth and horny bottom Andy for this video, and Andy is ready to give the boy his hard cock in every single way he can think of! They get started with some truly delicious cock sucking, but the ass action is what we're really here for, and you will cum just as hard as they do after seeing them going at it!Pictures

Staxus – Shower Time Rub Down

We all know from previous exhibitions as to just how hyper-sexed young Jack Cameron is how he basically lives from one hot, horny, cock-fuelled session to the next with little thought of anything else in that pretty little head of his in between so it's really no surprise how he reacts when he steps out of the shower to be confronted by the sight of Rudy Valentino asleep in bed and sprawled out in all his handsome glory. Before you know it, the young slut is pulling back the duvet and pulling back Valentino's foreskin at which moment all sense of innocence is wisely tossed out of the window and the two guys embark on an all-too-carnal foray into the world of hardcore man-to-man action. The sight of these two sluts slurping away on each other's knobs 69-style is certainly one definite highlight; but it's Cameron bouncing up and down on Valentino's cock, his own hard dick swirling round like a rotary blade in the process, that got us all hot and bothered. By the time Valentino is banging away from behind, all Cameron's self-respect has long since vanished; as he spurts a spray of ball-juice skywards, then allows his mate to whitewash his hairy ass!

Staxus – Cute Cock Whore

Some boys have only one love all their lives and wouldn't dream of straying from their boyfriend's bed. Others, like Tim Law, are complete sluts a guy who's only too happy, willing and able to take whatever opportunity for cock comes his way! Ironically, one mere glance at the lad would make you think that he's the very picture of innocence, with his doe-eyed energy and winsome smile. But this is a guy who clearly thinks nothing of playing around with one fucker one minute and with another the next beginning with fellow twink, John Core, who clearly can't wait to get some of that hard meat up his ass at the first opportunity. Not that Law is adverse to taking dick himself, as the two cuties battle it out in a flip-flop cock-crazed session that'll have you on the brink of ecstasy. Don't blast too soon, however. Core's barely caught his breath from his own sticky climax when thin-lipped beauty Dick Casey who's been watching from the wings steps in to allow Law a delicious gobble of his meaty, uncut knob. The resultant goo proves to be quite literally one in the eye for Law, who reaches his own sticky, breathless climax just a few moments later.

BoyCrush – A Wet and Wild Threesome

BoyCrush exclusive Kyler Moss gets into a wet and wild threesome in the shower with new boys, Braxton and Kyler. The three boys take turns kneeling to service each other, swallowing each other's cocks down their throats. Moss is the first to be spit roasted, fucking Andrew while Kyler Ash fucks him with his huge cock. Andrew gives up his bubble butt to both boys before the three crowd around each other to cum. Kyler Moss gets a load in his mouth before Kyler Ash takes two shots of cum to the face!

Staxus – Fuckin’ Horny DP

Sometimes a young man just can't make up his mind, particularly when confronted by two guys as different as Aslan Brutti, a handsome white Czech boy, and Tyler Johnson, a muscular black Frenchman. So it's really no great surprise when Johny Cruz, a cute, dark-haired twink, decides to partake in a bit of rampant fun with the pair of hyper-horny fuckers simultaneously. Fortunately for this bright beauty, one thing his two new pals do have in common apart from the fact that both of them possess smooth, hairless crotches is that they're each as horny as fuck and only too eager and willing to give Cruz the kind of anal bombardment that dreams are made of! Cue a total slut-fest that sees all three lads gag on each other's cocks and generally act like back-street whores; before Cruz first sits on Brutti's oversized knob-end and then Johnson delivers a double-penetrating rear-guard action with his thick, upturned dick. It's sweet agony all the way for the young pup, concluded by a delicious sequence of facial eruptions that sees his chin splattered in jizz whilst he himself knocks out a generous wad of his own. In short, sticky fun for everyone!

BoyCrush – Bareback Lover Boys Bang Hard

Although he's a top when he's sharing his big pale dick with other boys, Elijah is never one to shy away from enjoying his ass. This hung young man is an adventurous boy, looking for new experiences with us, and we have a lot planned for him! He certainly knows how to use that big juicy dick of his!

BoyCrush – Brett Screws John Harder Then Ever

Brett premieres in his first Bareback video and goes all out with John Hyde. After some hot kissing, John worships his cock before ramming it bare in his ass and riding it harder and harder, getting Brett closer and closer forcing him to cum inside, he then cums on his chest after being fucked so hard!

Staxus – Sex in the Showers

It's hardly novel it's been the very stuff of gay porn since the invention of the camera but who can ever tire of watching young men in a hot and sweaty shower-room? Especially when they have the kind of bubble butts that Timmy Taylor and Kevin Luong seem to boast here. Not that it's their backsides that take centre-stage in the opening moments of this scene.Instead, it's hard cocks all the way as both lads take the opportunity to savour all that unrivalled hardness that they've each got stocked in their crotches, with Taylor displaying his usual heady energy for the occasion and Luong clearly enjoying all the attention! Never more so, in fact, than when Taylor pins his pal up against the shower room wall and forces his thick, raw cock deep into his tight, hungry ass-hole an act that signals the start of a truly wild, unrestrained coupling, during which Luong gets fucked in pretty much every imaginable position.Little wonder that the sweet fellow ends up spewing a fabulous wad of jizz all over his belly whilst Taylor pounds against that delicious butt of his; before Taylor himself delivers a killer shot all over Luong's face, leaving the lad dripping with cream!